|Sportsgeist| 2018 Nebelhorn Trophy – Ladies Short Program

It’s that time of the year again: the 50th Nebelhorn Trophy took place in Oberstdorf. I was there from Wednesday until Sunday and did a combination of hiking and figure skating. As most of my old skating pals don’t speak German, I will – like back in the good, old times – write my review in English.


Gerstruben Oberstdorf

Pretty farmer village called „Gerstruben“ near Oberstdorf


Spielmannsau Oberstdorf

View from Spielmannsau (also near Oberstdorf)


We started into our first full day in Oberstdorf with a hiking tour. This was meant to be a shorter tour (kind of a slow start into our vacation) but turned into a hiking half-marathon (about 20 km long). Oh well… That’s also the reason why we only made it to the rink for the last group of the ladies short program.


Marin Honda

Marin Honda


Marin Honda from Japan skated to „Seven Nations Army“ which I thought was a very cool music choice. Same can be said about her costume. Her skating could have been more energetic, though.


Loena Hendrickx

Loena Hendrickx


Even though „Touch Me Like This“ isn’t exactly a song which would make it on my playlist, I really enjoyed Loena Hendrickx’s interpretation of it. She skated with loads of power and seemed to really feel the music.

There is something quite old-fashioned about Mai Mihara’s skating and overall appearance. Shades of Yuka Sato in 1994. But very cute, nonetheless. She skated to „It’s Magic“.


Mariah Bell

Mariah Bell – looking all passionate


Is the introduction of the skaters as bizarr at other skating events as it is at Nebelhorn? Mariah Bell was introduced as the girl „who loves to ride the paddle boat“. She skated to the latest version of a TBF (typical female ballad): a pop song sung by a female singer. Hers was by Celine Dion. As much as I dislike this kind of music, I must also admit I really enjoyed her interpretation.


Alina Zagitova with coach

Alina Zagitova – focus!


Last to go was the Olympic Champion Alina Zagitova who I was dying to see in person for the first time. I have fallen in love with her last season. I just love her skating and she also seems to be such a nice and modest girl. Alina skated to „Phantom of the Opera“. The music cuts are probably not everybody’s cup of tea but I liked her dramatic interpretation of the music. She’s fabulous.


Alina Zagitova

Alina Zagitova – of course, I didn’t succeed in taking any stellar photos of her…


Nelli Ziganshina

Nelli Ziganshina was here as a spectator. We speculated about her being a potential partner for Joti Polizoakis


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