|Sportsgeist| 2015 Nebelhorn Trophy Oberstdorf – exhibition

The exhibition was fun… (except for the ice dance ballads but this is a matter of taste)

Enjoy my pictures and a few comments.

Agafonova & Ucar from Turkey


The ladies were very entertaining during this exhibition as they did not focus on ballads…


Alaine Chartrand from Canada


Alena Leonova from Russia


Chock & Bates from the US


Courtney Hicks from the US


Elladj was as entertaining as ever. He is such a great showman.


Elladj Balde from Canada


Elladj Balde from Canada


Elladj Balde from Canada


Florent Amodio from France


She deserves more than just one pic because she was so outgoing and expressive:


Kailani Craine from Australia


James & Cipres from France
James & Cipres from France


James & Cipres from France


Kaetlyn Osmond from Canada


Lorenz & Polizoakis from Germany


Look at her leg where I painted the circle on the picture! She must have fallen so hard…:


Mariko Kihara from Japan


This was the most bizarre exhibition performance: Max Aaron to a song from AC/DC. I could not stop laughing when K. said to me after about 20 seconds: „I would not survive going to an AC/DC concert!“ We’re still not sure if he a) coreographed the program the night before while being out partying or b) was dared to skate to AC/DC in order to win a bet.


Max Aaron from the USA


Max Aaron from the US


Max Aaron from the US


I took a picture of a spiral position, wheee… This is one of the moves I miss most under the new judging system.


Mirai Nagasu from the US


Mirai Nagasu from the US


And I also took a picture of a Russian split. Unfortunately from a weird angle…


Peter Liebers from Germany


Scimeca & Knierim from the US


This was super cute: a cowboy program. Plus it made me think of my trip to the US as we listened to a country music station during our drive to Yellow Stone National Park


Seguin & Bilodeau from Canada


Seguin & Bilodeau from Canada


 My favourites: Volosozhar & Trankov. There is a separate thread with more pictures of them here .


Maxim Trankov from Russia
Tatjana Volosozhar from Russia


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