|Sportsgeist| 2016 Nebelhorn Trophy – short dance

Once again, I’ve been to Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf. I will post pictures from the different parts of the competition and add some personal notes. I decided to do this in English as I think I will reach more interested readers this way.

We arrived on Thursday right before the short dance and would have been just in time for Chock & Bates, the first dance team skating the short dance.

Unfortunately, it took forever to buy the tickets and that’s why I could not take pictures of Chock & Bates. They surprised us with their modern short dance consisting of a Blues and „Uptown Funk“ by Bruno Mars.

I don’t have pics of Kavaliova & Bieliaiev, either, but would like to mention their music: Adele’s „Hello“ in a disco version. Quite special…

Speaking of music, we had to search for the rhythm of this season’s short dance online… That’s how in-the-known we are nowadays. In case someone else does not know: Midnight Blues, Swing, Hip Hop.


Paul Poirier


Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier

Gilles & Poirier’s short dance was quite remarkable. Not only because it had a disco theme but especially due to Paul’s facial hair.

Anna Cappellini


Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte

Cappellini & Lanotte wore one of their typical costumes and skated one of their typical programs.

Lorenza Alessandrini & Pierre Souquet

Alessandrini & Souquet are coached by Olivier Schönfelder and their style also reminded me of Delobel & Schönfelder.

Elliana Pogrebinsky & Alex Benoit

Pogrebinsky & Benoit have an entertaining short dance where he is playing Elvis. I liked them. One of the reasons may be that he looks a tiny little bit like Vitali Novikov (the hero of our uber-fan days…).

Katharina Müller & Tim Dieck


Kavita Lorenz & Joti Polizoakis

It would have been such a shame if Lorenz & Polizoakis had really split. They have so much chemistry and it’s amazing how much they’ve achieved in such a short time (plus, they are not one of Germany’s usual brother-and-sister-teams…). Their short dance to music by Michael Jackson is also super entertaining.

I was positively surprised by the short dance. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of ice-dance post 6.0-system but this wasn’t boring and kind of diverse.

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