|Sportsgeist| 2015 Nebelhorn Trophy Oberstdorf – pairs short and long program photos

I enjoyed the pairs short and long program. Not all programs were flawless but there were enough solid skates. The only scary pair was Stephens & Dodds from Australia. Their lifts made me cringe.

Pairs short program

Fancy & Boyadji from Great Britain

I remember Amani Fancy from years back when she skated at an exhibition in Oberstdorf as a tiny little girl. She has a lot of energy but I’m not sure if her partner really fits her. He looks much older than her. They withdrew before the LP.

Haase & Seegert from Germany

I saw their SP at German Nationals last December and they looked much more polished here in Oberstdorf than back then. They remind me a bit of Tarasova & Morozov as they are also a classical pairs with a clean, introvert style.

James & Cipres from France

James & Cipres are a powerful, athletic pair. I enjoy watching them and he is just so much better than her former partner Bonheur.

Scimeca & Knierim from the US


Vartmann & Blommaert from Germany

Vartmann & Blommaert are a brand new pair. They look good together and skated a pretty much flawless short program. The future will tell how successful they can be.

Volosozhar & Trankov from Russia

There is a separate thread with pictures of Tatjana & Maxim here .

The Wendes as coaches.

I think it’s a bit funny that they are coaching their former „opponents“ Vartmann & Blommaert.

Pairs long program

James & Cipres from Great Britain
James & Cipres from Great Britain

I can promise more pictures of Cipres in another post…

Scimeca & Knierim from the US


Seguin & Bilodeau from Canada

Seguin & Bilodeau are a super cute pair and I really liked both of their programs. And I must mention it: Julianne is sooooo tiny.

Vartmann & Blommeart from Germany

Vartmann & Blommeart couldn’t keep up with their stellar short program performance in the long program. They had especially problems with their side-by-side jumps.

Volosozhar & Trankov from Russia

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